Everyone else.


The heroine of TMGS, and you have no idea what you look like other than your chibi form. In fact, you probably know more about the guys you date than yourself. What little that doesn't change about your throughout your games is that you have straight brown hair with fringe slightly shorter than shoulder length, brown eyes, a younger brother, a childhood friend who went away [insert long history with -spoilerkeispoiler- here], a tendency to overstep social norms by constantly asking guys out, you live in a house with a purple door and you are generally a Mary-Sue.


Your brother by name, informant by nature. His only reason for existence is to give you info on the guys and randomly appear at events when you're not popular enough for guys to visit you (e.g. school culture festival, your birthday, and worse of all...the ENDING). Your visits to your brother are just disguised trips to solicit info. I mean, what are the three things you talk about at his house?

Your relationship chart with everyone in the game you've met.
A very important chart, it tells you your stats with every person you can get an ending with (minus Goro, Chiharu and your bro), if any guy is bombing you (and how frequently the bomb ticks is the length of time the bomb has been festering - more is worse) and if any girl is on rival mode with you.

The profile of the guys. (minus Chiharu and Goro)
This is of secondary importance, because you'll only need to access it once ever in the game to unlock the guys' phone number (Himuro-sensei and Ikkaku's are not available) and birthday so you can call them and give them birthday presents respectively. The rest of the profile is fyi and can be found on this site anyway.

Date spots
If you're at this site now reading this...well, honestly you don't need to click on this button ever. Besides, after a while Tsukushi gets anal and tells you to go check the net instead.

Yeah, I'm sure this makes for a really deep brother-sister relationship.


You get this if you haven't got a single person at tokimeki state by the end of the game. Tragic.

T: Oi, big sis!
Y: Ah, Tsukushi!
T: Fuu... Geez, sis, you walk too fast!
Y: How could that be, I'm walking at my usual speed...
Y: ... However, I guess it's to be expected since I can take wider strides compared to Tsukushi...
T: Cheh, watch me then. You'll be standing in my shoes one day.
Y: Yeah, yeah.
T: You may think so now, but I'll definitely shape up in time to come.
Y: Is that so? Keep at it, then.
T: Nee-chan. You'll regret doubting your own brother in the future!
Y: Heh, I'll look forward to it!
T: Sheesh...
Y: All right, let's go home! Tsukushi!
T: Ah, Nn!

Garcon Ito

Sudou's private butler, and a complete stereotype of the English butler, right down to the beautifully groomed moustache. His subservient nature belies his innate homicidal streak as he attempts to run Konno down then later email you and apologise over the almost 'accident' (no, don't believe me, it really was an accident).

Blond bugger

This wannabe-punk dude always seems to randomly appear once or twice every game you play and tries to get friendly. He gives up pretty soon after your date appears though. And the conversation between Sakuya and blond bugger? It almost made me want to ditch Sucky-chan for goldilocks (aka blond bugger).

Pesky Salesman

He's too uninteresting (and ugly) for me to bother to listen to what he's talking about, but I don't see how he manages to sell anything with that kind of hair.

Surfer Dude

He tries to get all slimy with you at the beach (as slimy as his slicked-back hair), when really, he looks younger than Hibiya. Though that probably gives him an advantage, given the rampant number of paedos in existence nowadays. I'm not sure for the other characters but when Madoka appeared after he tried to hit on me he immediately apologised for making a move on Madoka's girl (they knew each other) and vanished faster than Kei's marks when he sleeps during an exam.