Name: Arisawa Shiho
Birthdate: 20th January 1987
Height: 168; 169; 169
Weight: Secret
Blood type: A
Horoscope: Capricorn
Seiyuu: Nogami Yukana (Nekoi in X the Movie, Meiling in Card Captor Sakura, Shia in Pita-Ten, more)

Club: Nil
Part-time Job: Flower House
Rival for: Sakuya
Favourite colour: Dark red
Fragrance: White lily
Music: Healing (soothing) rhythmic music
Type: Serious and studious

Distinguishing features
Short brown hair and spectacles

Studying, reading poems and children storybooks


What to call her
Default: Arisawa-san
All times: Arisawa-san, Shiho-san, Arisawa, Shiho
Smiling and up: Arisawa-chan, Shiho-chan, Shihotan, Aririn

***Never call her nee-sama

What she calls you
Default: last name-san
Smiling and up: last-name-san


Arisawa Shiho is one of those severe, bookish types who tends to not be very social. I mean, she should seriously learn to show her teeth more often, her face is locked in this constant frown half the time. Otherwise she's fine as a person, and is an ace student who's in the top class and is always in the top 20 at term tests.

Friend Mode

You meet her either by choosing the top left room, raising your intelligence stats (study, and you'll meet her soon after Sakuya) or working at Flower House.

To interact with her, under the friends function choose to study with her, which ups mainly your social and study stats. You can also work with her if you get a job at the Flower House.

If she likes you, she'll talk to you during events (Sports Day etc), drop by your work or while you're shopping and send you new year cards.

When among the girls her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you for double dates (she with Sakuya and you with the guy closest to you) and to join the pillow fight (same pairing-off) during the 2nd year trip.

When among everyone her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you to go sightseeing with her during the 2nd year trip.

To make her reach tokimeki state, study with her a lot (at least 70 times), do not go on VS mode with her, and accept when she asks you to go to school and study with her. Before going home she'll lend you her notebook and it ups your intelligence.

Rival Mode

You're in school with her and she goes off somewhere for a while, when you, not exactly heeding the law about privacy rights, read her diary in which she's going on about Sakuya. Then you hear running footsteps and Arisawa breathlessly confronts you about reading her diary. Yup, it's rival mode.

In rival mode, when you study with Arisawa, I think she still remains rather the same (or am I wrong?), but she will stop emailing you, talking to you, inviting you for double dates etc.

Photo Album

Arisawa gazes tenderly at some flowers in the park. You'll get this when you go shopping at the Garden Walk (Forest Garden) alone during summer and she's at smiling state. [picture 1]

You dine with Arisawa in a cafe after asking her at the school gates. [pictures 2, 3 (summer and winter uniform)]


We're working on it! :)

Interesting Facts

Do you know she's taller than Sakuya? By 4cm in third year. *snigger*