About Tokimemo.gs
Tokimemo.gs is a collective of sites dedicated to Konamiís dating simulation series Tokimeki Memorial Girlís Side. The first Tokimeki Memorial game was released PC Engine in 1994. This game featured a male protagonist courting various girls at his high school, and like all Tokimemo games revolved around a legend. Unlike a visual novel, the Tokimemo games focus on statistics and time management in addition to storyline choices. In 2002 Konami released their first dating simulation targeted at girls: Tokimeki Memorial Girlís Side for the Playstation 2. It was followed in 2006 by Tokimeki Memorial Girlís Side Second Kiss for the Playstation 2 and then in 2010 by Tokimeki Memorial Girlís Side Third Story for the Nintendo DS. The first two games have received remakes on the Nintendo DS as well, with additional characters and extra features that take advantage of the touch screen.

In each of these games the player takes control of a girl newly arrived in town and ready to enter her first year of high school. Inevitably she has a mysterious past she doesnít remember that is somehow related to the legend of the game. She has some fateful encounters and depending on how she chooses to spend her time and develop her abilities she can end up receiving a confession from one of her school mates, teachers, or sometimes even more dubious characters. The game focuses on time management as well as sensitivity to the other charactersí feelings. If the Heroine ignores a boy she has met for too long she will hurt his feelings, and if she does nothing to remedy this he will bomb her, making her relationships with other characters plummet across the board.

Filled with lovable and often hilarious characters, the Girlís Side series provides endless hours of entertainment, since each replay is quite different, although there are some common strategies, naturally.

About Utsukushiki Sekai and Seaside Sketch
First established by Gummibear and Meli in 2003, these two sites were the premier information sites for Tokimemo GS for many years, and helped countless fans navigate games for which their comprehension skills were probably not ready. Filled with information, media, translations, and humorous commentary, Tokimemo.gs is proud to host these sites in their archived form, so their information and content can be appreciated for many years to come. Thanks again, Gummibear and Meli, for your incredibly contribution to the community. I would likely have not started playing TMGS if not for the both of you.

About High School Cavaliers
High School Cavaliers is an information and media archive for all of the Tokimeki Memorial Girlís Side games. It features scans from artbooks, CD jackets, magazines, and anything else I may be able to get my hands on. It will also feature MP3 rips of the various music and drama CDs in the series. It will be opening as soon as my next care package from Japan arrives XD. Remember, if you love Tokimemo, you should support it the best you can by buying official merchandise!

About Tokimeki Twins
Tokimeki Twins is a fanfiction site focusing on the adventures of Yumeno Midori and Yumeno Satomi, the Tokimeki Twins from Habataki Gakuen. Midori is an extroverted musical prodigy with strange aesthetic sense and distressing crush on her band director. Satomi is an introverted ballet dancer who loves fairy tales and hopes that the boy she made a promise with so many years ago will eventually remember her. Together, they cause a lot of trouble for Himuro Reiichi and Hazuki Kei.

About Gabi
That would be me! Iíve been playing Tokimeki Memo actively since 2005 and have been in this website business since the internet was made of anime shrines and link lists. I am currently twenty-nine years old and I spend my time writing, drawing, and sometimes doing nothing else but loafing. I suppose one of the reasons I like Tokimeki Memorial is that I had a wonderful high school romance myself, and am currently married to the boy who first asked me to go on a date with him when I was fifteen years old. I believe in the power of love and friendship! I love mahou shoujo shows, dating simulations, visual novels, and raising games. I am, and always have been, a collector of things.

My favorite characters in Tokimemo GS are Himurochi, Kei-kun, Waka-sensei, and Hisoka-chan. I also like Tendo Jin and Komori, and there isnít really any character in the series I donít have some fondness for (even crazy Goro-sensei XD).

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The Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series is copyright Konami. Seaside Sketch and Utsukushiki Sekai are the property of GummiBear and Meli and are archived here. Tokimemo.gs is nominally under the purview of Gabi, and is a non-profit labor of love.