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High School Cavaliers is a website dedicated to the Konami produced dating simulation series Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side. Featuring information as well as media downloads, this site aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the series.

The first game in the series is simply titled ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side,’ and was released for Playstation2 in 2002. This game featured a female protagonist’s adventures during her three years of high school at Habataki Gakuen as she struggled to balance academics, a job, and club activities while at the same time looking for love. There are eight courtable characters in this game, and one secret character. The sequel, titled ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss’ was released in 2006 for Playstation2 and featured an all new cast of characters at an all new school, Hanagasaki Gakuen, which is also in Habataki City. The first game was rereleased for the Nintendo DS with additional content in 2007 as ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side First Love,’ and the second game followed as ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Second Season.’ The first game was rereleased yet again 2009 for the Nintendo DS, this time featuring more fully voiced dialouge as ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side First Love Plus.’ Finally, the third game in the series, ‘Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story’ was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. This game takes place seven years after the original game, and the heroine attends Habataki Gakuen, just as the original heroine did. This game features an all new cast as well as several new systems.

One of the interesting elements of the Tokimeki Memorial series is the EVS system, which allows each of the courtable characters (with some exceptions) to call the heroine by name verbally, based on phonetic pronunciations the player provides during the original data entry scene. While less robust than in the PS2 versions, the DS games also feature the EVS system, allowing the player to define how the boys refer to them.

Each of the characters in the series is endearing in his or her own way, and while they generally do fall into moe types, they're all more complex than simple stereotypes, and each character has his own story for you to investigate.

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