Name: Sudou Mizuki
Birthdate: 16th July 1986
Height: 157; 158; 158
Weight: Secret
Blood type: B
Horoscope: Cancer
Seiyuu: Otani Ikue (Pikachu o_0, anything else?)

Club: Tennis
Part-time Job: Nil
Rival for: Mihara
Favourite colour: White
Fragrance: white vanilla
Music: Live music
Type: Spoiled rich brat

Distinguishing features
Long, lightly curling blonde hair and french coming from her mouth

Admiring ballet and paintings


What to call her
Default: Sudou-san
All times: Sudou-san, Sudou-sama, Mizuki-san, Mizuka-sama
Smiling and up: Mizuki-chama

***Never call her Sudou, Mizuki or Ojou (geez she's picky)

What she calls you
Default: last name-san
Smiling/grinning: last name

Sudou is one of those cliched rich and snooty girls, the 'ho ho ho' foxy type. To top it off she's from France and thus feels qualified to blabber all kind of frenchy mumbo-jumbo. You can tell she loves herself a lot because your new year card from her for three successive years has her face blazoned on it (except the last year). She actually isn't so bad though, if you get to know her. She is sometimes accompanied by her butler, Garcon, who's from France too. In case you were wondering, you can't date the dude, though I'm sure you all think his moustache is sexy. ^_~

Friend Mode

You meet her either by choosing the top right room, raising your art stats (paint a lot, and you'll meet her soon after Mihara) or joining tennis.

To interact with her, under the friends function choose to play dress-up, which ups mainly your social and charm stats.

If she likes you, she'll talk to you during events (Sports Day etc), drop by your work or while you're shopping and send you new year cards.

When among the girls her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you for double dates (she with Mihara and you with the guy closest to you) and to join the pillow fight (same pairing-off) during the 2nd year trip.

When among everyone her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you to go sightseeing with her during the 2nd year trip.

To make her reach tokimeki state, play dress-up with her a lot (at least 70 times), do not go on VS mode with her, and accept when she asks you to go shopping with her. Before going home she'll give you a lip mirror/parasol which ups your art.

Rival Mode

She throws white gloves at you to signify the beginning of the rivalry, and generally acts rather bitchy.

In rival mode, when you play dress-up with Sudou, if you suceed flames will burst up around her and she looks evil (it's cute! ^^), and she will stop emailing you, talking to you, inviting you for double dates etc.

Photo Album

Sudou looks at Mihara/Mihara's painting and blushes, I can't figure out which. You'll get this during the Culture Festival when you're in the art club on rival mode with her. [picture 1]

You dine with Sudou in a cafe after asking her at the school gates. [pictures 2, 3 (summer and winter uniform)]


Y - You
S - Sudou

S: Surname-san, How surprising. There you are! So you're at this place.
Y: Ah, Sudou-san.
S: This is for you. It's not yet May, but this is for you.
Y: A lily of the valley flower. But why?
S: ...Because Mizuki is going to Paris next month.
Y: I see...Sudou-san is really going overseas for further studies.
S:And...Parce que tu es mon ami...
Y: ...What?
S: ...I told you about the meaning of giving lily of the valley flowers in May.
Y: Oh...Thank you, Sudou-san.
S: You really don't understand anything! Geez, what are you going to do when I'm not around? Say, do you want to come with me to Paris?
Y: That seems...a little unreasonable.
S: ......
Y: But I will send you photos and write to you a lot.
S: ...Eh...I will reply you with ten times more! The new dress, friends in Paris, writing letters, terutoru stadium's cafe [this entire sentence translation is screwed]
Y: Yead, I know it'll be fun.
S: ...You'll write to me often?
Y: Of course.
S: Thank you.
Y: It is I who should say so. It's been a fun 3 years.
S: Ah! You voiced Mizuki's thoughts before she could do so! This school, the uniform, the scenery, everything these part 3 years, I can't forget!

"The Lily of the Valley foretells the return of happiness. One legend describes the affection of a lily of the valley for a nightingale that would not come back to the woods until the flower bloomed in May. So, the Lily of the Valley has come to symbolize Lily of the Valley the return of happiness." - Many thanks to Eric Kim for providing this information. :)

Interesting Facts

She likes croissants.

She's planning to go an exclusive private school in France after graduating from Habataki High.