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The disclaimer and other important info about this site.


The webmistresses only own the site and some of the information, we lay no claim to anything else. Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side belongs to Konami, Playstation 2 to Sony, the opening and ending themes (Signal and Utsukushiki Sekai) are by the singing duo B'z. The name of our site, Utsukushiki Sekai is also accredited to B'z.

On what is found in the site, a lot of the information comes from Klist and Rinka, the official guidebooks as well as some others we've neglected to mention, and the graphics are from various sources, some obtained online and others scanned in from books we own.

Full credit goes out to all these people, thank you for helping us make this site possible!


Though we credit all the people above, this site is owned by gummibear and meli, and we spent quite some effort rearranging and getting new information as well as pictures. Therefore, though information from this site may be used on other web pages, we hope that you'll ask permission from us first and link back to us. Note that entire chunks of this website CANNOT be copied wholesale. Thanks! :D


This site shouldn't be hard to navigate. I tried to make it as simple as possible. All links on the left will be opened in this iframe, and only a few have sub-links which again open within this iframe. All links that lead outside of this site open in a new page.

There are, however, some important points you need to take note of when viewing our site, which are listed below.


1. We call Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 'Tokimeki' for short, even though it is often called other names like Tokimemo, Girl's Side etc. It should not be confused with the other Tokimeki Memorial series. If and when we feel the need to elaborate on it's name we'll either refer to it by full or as TokiMemo GS.

2. We refer to different Tokimeki characters by their surnames or first names, depending on how it grew on us. These names will be the one reflected as the bold title for the Character links.

3. We interchange 'stats' and 'parameters' often, so don't get confused!

4. We also switch between saying 'rival' and 'vs' mode.

5. The function and parameter names we assigned may not be entirely accurate (or grammatical), they're just how we're used to refer to them.

6. They have been some differences in spellings of names, of which we state our stand below.

- Kijyo/Kijou/Kijyou - 'Kijyo' is wrong (from reading the kana), but 'Kijou' is possible because the 'yo' is the tiny one. However the guidebook's english translation says 'Kijyou' and anyway we think 'Kijyou' sounds nicer. ^^

- Sudo/Sudou - One official guidebook's english translation says 'Sudo' but another one has the hiragana as 'Sudou', so we're sticking with 'Sudou'.

- Garcon/Garison - Sudou's butler's surname. In the guidebook the English says 'Garcon', the kana says 'Garison', so we just chose 'Garcon'. Can anyone clear this up?

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- x; x; x for height and weight refers to the height and weight changes in cm and kg respectively over three years (excl. adults whose height/weight no longer changes).

- BMI (Body Mass Index) was calculated using the height and weight of the third year because they should have started stabilising by then.