Heh heh, I'm in the mood to write a new chapter, so this is Part 2, More insane and Less ecchi (but still has light ecchi), I've decide to change It to that.. ^_^;;



In the last episode...


Himuro:I'm BACK~!!

Heroine:Sensei...What are you doing letting us stay in detention this late?!

Chiharu:YEAH! I'm not even from this school! what's the point!


Kazuma:(wakes up)Wha-WHAT!? AMERICA!? WHERE!?

Chiharu:Ah...Been there, done that..

Himuro:Actually that guy Amanohashi Ikkaku lost to me at Mahjong, so he gave me a free trip to america, and I'm thinking of inviting you brainless morons..

Kei:...Amanohashi Ikkaku...played...MAHJONG...? (sweatdrops)

Wataru:Yatta~! I wanna go too! Because If I'll stay here any longer I'll get rape by Junior GIRLS!! >_<

Mihara:aww, Wataru-kun, don't you want me to be with you instead of Junior girls? (Smiles seductively..again)

Wataru:Yadaaaa!!! Stop that Mihara-Senpai!! You're creeping Madoka out!

Madoka:o.O ....Did he r-really say that...?? how queer..

Mihara:Yes! and I have this too! (opens up his SOO OWN Laptop) Lookie' here! (Shoves the computer to Madoka)


Kazuma:What's that? (pulls it over) !? WTF!? THIS IS SOOO WRONG!! (Cusses his head off)

Mihara:Yes, and That's Yaoi (Smiles) ah, Kazuma and Madoka would make such a cute couple...ah~ yes..

Natsumi:...You're sick......MADOKA~!!! HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME~!!  (Strangles his fainted body)

Heroine:..Uh, anyways, sensei..When are we leaving?

Himuro:The time is.....NOW!!! (Carries everybody out)





Kei:(Strangles Chiharu) LISTEN YOU...If you don't let go of Heroine right now, I'll swear I'll break your frickin Neck now..

Heroine:A-re? Kei-kun, Are you jealous? I see...(Kisses Chiharu)

Kei:(Anime Flame aura surrounds him)YOU....!!!

Chiharu:(writing E-mail) "Mama, Papa, looks like this is the last of my letters, I'm sure I won't live long in Japan, Sayonara...By Chiharu"

Kei:Model walk!! (throws flower)

Chiharu:...What...the..I feel that I should....CLAP MY HANDS!! (Claps for Hazuki)


Sakuya:yare, yare...this is so common of Hazuki to do that..(looks around) Please, GOD, don't let Arisawa be on the same plane as me..(cries)

Arisawa:(Smiles)Did..you ask for me....Sakuya Kun? (Pinches his cheek)



Natsumi:Hai? what now...SENSEI !?

Himuro:(Holding a CD called "N Sync and Backstreet boys)LET'S SING!!!

All:NOoOoOoOooOoOoOOoOOoOo !!!


(Inside Amanohashi ikkaku's Airplane...)


Madoka:(Finally wakes up)What..the..am I in heaven...? (Suddenly sees Natsumi's face above him) ARRRRGH!! FRICKIN' MOTHER OF ^)(*&)( !! It's


Natsumi:Screw you~!! (Hits him with a guitar)

Heroine:....Natsumi chan...aren't you going a little to far? and..uh, Chiharu, how long are you going to clap?

Chiharu:Arrrghh~!!! Stupid Model walk thingy~!! >_< KEI~!! STOP IT!!

Kei:(With the normal sleepy Neko face) Hmm...zzzzz

Himuro:E-Herm, everyone, listen up we're gonna sing the spice girls song!!


Heroine:(Crying) I'll swear I'LL JUMP IF YOU DO THAT!!

Himuro:Fine, not the spice girls then...HAMTARO DANCE~!!


Madoka:la-la-la-la-la tra-la-la-la,la-la-la-la-la tra-la-la-la~!! (singing the Hamtaro song)

Natsumi:URUSAI!! (Smacks him)




Shall the insanity Continue? Stay Tuned! ^_^