Name: Fujii Natsumi
Birthdate: 18th December 1986
Height: 159; 160; 161
Weight: Secret
Blood type: AB
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Seiyuu: Kawagami Tomoko (Chiriki from Fushigi Yuugi, more?)

Club: Cheerleading
Part-time Job: Winning Burger
Rival for: Madoka
Favourite colour: Orange
Fragrance: Lemon
Music: Popular music
Type: Popular, cheerful and enthusiastic girl

Distinguishing features
Orange hair which is tied to stick up at the back

Being photographed or photographing, can't tell. o_0


What to call her
Default: Fujii-san
All times: Fujii-san, Fujii-chan, Natsumi-sa, Natsumi-chan, Nacchin, Neeyan
Smiling/grinning: Natsumin

***Never call her Natsumi-sama, Fujii-sama

What she calls you
Default: first name-chan
Smiling/grinning: first name-chan, nickname


Fujii Natsumi is a very cheerful and energetic girl who can be considered somewhat teenybopperish. She is interested in popular magazines, chatting, and Madoka. ^^ She is a very tough rival because she's very adamant about what she wants and almost always goes on rival mode with you (shrieking about her love for Madoka, no less).

Friend Mode

You meet her either by choosing the bottom left room , raising your fashion stats (read more mags and you'll meet her soon after Madoka appears), joining cheerleading or working at Winning Burger

To interact with her, under the friends function choose to chat with her, which ups mainly your social and fashion stats. You can also cheer with her if you join cheerleading.

If she likes you, she'll email you, drop by your work or while you're shopping and send you new year cards. When she likes you a lot, she'll approach you after school to walk home with you, call you by your nickname, inviting you to go spend time with her in flea market and so on.

When among the girls her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you for double dates (she with Madoka and you with the guy closest to you) and to join the pillow fight (ditto pairing-off) during the 2nd year trip.

When among everyone her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you to go sightseeing with her during the 2nd year trip, congratulate you when you do well in raising a stat and so on.

To make her reach tokimeki state, chat with her a lot (at least 70 times), do not go on VS mode with and her, accept when she asks you to go sell things with her. Before going home she'll give you some bracelet that ups your popularity.

To get a Himuro cutscene, (and it's the sexy duster smirk of all cutscenes!!) make sure you're on speaking terms with Natsumi when Himuro reaches smiling state. Thank you Natsumi!

Rival Mode

She asks you to go home with her, then on the way she first shyly asks about your feelings towards Madoka, before screaming her lungs out about how much she loves Madoka and that no one will take him from her (declaration of war, anyone? ^^). Guess what? You're rivals.

In rival mode, when you chat with Natsumi, she doesn't laugh when you succeed anymore but only nods. She also stops cheering with you during cheerleading practice, talking to you, emailing you, inviting you for double dates etc.

Photo Album

Natsumi argues with the manager of an arcade, telling him that the machine screwed up or something and that she should be allowed to play it again (DDR). You'll get this when you go shopping alone during winter and she's at smiling state. [picture 1]

You dine with Natsumi in a cafe after asking her at the school gates. [pictures 2, 3 (summer and winter uniform)]


Y: It's Natsumi-san. Is she... crying?
N: (blushing) It's strange meeting you here.
Y: What's wrong?
N: Nn... It's about this person.
N: It's about a person I really like in my life.
Y: ...Nn.
N: That person happens to be the most frivolous, cute person I've ever met who insists on embarrassing herself.
N: And to that person, I have a few last words I really have to say...
N: But I really like this person...
N: So, the smile of a friend leaving and the sight of that person's back as she walks away... it's just...
Y: (Natsumi-san...)
N: Aa~ ... I kept reminding myself during the graduation ceremony not to think about this...
N: But, I... after it all ended, I kept looking for that person and I couldn't find her anywhere...
Y: Natsumi-san... You never did have any patience did you.
N: Nn... thank you.
N: No, this really isn't like me...
Y: Nn. It isn't like Natsumi-san at all.
N: ... I guess so. I've been hiding something from you.
N: You've always been the one to reveal my traits, I know...
N: At times, you even let me understand my own personality.
Y: To me, Natsumi-san is able to see for herself her cheerfulness, as well as her kindness.
N: ...Nn, it's all right then. That's all!
Y: Aa, as expected of Natsumi-san.
N: ... Hehe. Well, Let's not waste time here. Let's go!
Y: You mean...
N: To settle things once and for all... KARAOKE! This is the last day we'll ever be able to sing together in our school uniforms!
N: It's decided then, you won't be going home today! Get used to it!
Y: Nn! Let's go!

Interesting Facts

Her name is misspelt in all her emails as 'natumi'. ^^ We've been informed 'tsu' is romanised as 'tu' in Japan, our bad!