Name: Konno Tamami
Birthdate: 5th June 1986
Height: 151; 151; 151
Weight: Secret
Blood type: O
Horoscope: Gemini
Seiyuu: Minami Omi (Hel in Matantei Loki, Takuro in Di Gi Charat, more)

Club: Manager of Basketball
Part-time Job: Nil
Rival for: Kazuma
Favourite colour: PInk
Fragrance: Panfuu (?)
Music: Punk (shocker, ne? ^^)
Type<: Sweet and shy cutie-pie

Distinguishing features
Short green hair (just below ear)

Cleaning -_-;;


What to call her
Default: Konno-san
All times: Konno-san, Konno, Tamami-san, Tamami-chan, Tamami, Tama-chan, Manager
Smiling and up: Tamapu

***Never call her Tama.

What she calls you
Default: first name-chan
Smiling/grinning: first name-chan, nickname


Konno Tamami is so adorable you can't not like her. I can't anyway. ^_^ She seems rather shy, but she's actually very friendly and kind of treats you as her big sister. Though she seems rather gentle and a pushover, don't look down on her because she's the manager of the basketball club and she isn't freaked easily. However, she is actually one of your softest rivals, having not gone on rival mode with me even once.

Friend Mode

You meet her either by choosing the bottom right room, raising your fitness stats (run more) or join basketball.

To interact with her, under the friends function choose to play badminton with her, which ups mainly your social and fitness stats.

If she likes you, she'll talk to you during events (christmas ball etc), drop by your work or while you're shopping and send you new year cards.

When among the girls her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you for double dates (she with Kazuma and you with the guy closest to you) and to join the pillow fight (same pairing-off) during the 2nd year trip.

When among everyone her status with you is the highest, she'll ask you to go sightseeing with her during the 2nd year trip.

To make her reach tokimeki state, play badminton with her a lot and accept whenever she asks you to go to the basketball court with her (about 3 times I think). Before going home she'll give you an energy drink which ups your fitness.

To get a Kazuma cutscene, make sure you're at least on speaking terms with Konno when Kazuma reaches smiling state, then choose to visit Kazuma (first option) when she tells you about him being sick. She's the only girl who helps you get a cutscene for the guy she likes, so one up Konno!

Rival Mode

She's talking to you about basketball and being a manager and accidentally slips up about Kazuma. It's adorable! ^^ She says Kazuma always yells 'Manager! Towel!' ^_^ Anyway, you're in rival mode. ;_; Me want friend Konno.

In rival mode, when you play badminton with Konno, she no longer smiles at you and when you slip up she sticks out her tongue. She will also stop emailing you, talking to you, inviting you for double dates etc.

I'm not sure if this is a typical event, but when on my way to giving Kazuma Valentine chocolates in 2004, Konno stopped me and told me Kazuma hated chocs, but she was hiding chocs behind her back. Hmm.

Photo Album

Konno talks to you during Sports Day. You'll get this automatically when she reaches smiling state. [picture 1]

You dine with Konno in a cafe after asking her at the school gates. [pictures 2, 3 (summer and winter uniform)]


We're working on it! :)

Interesting Facts

She's the only girl who loves all the scary rides at the amusement park. She even loves the obake house, while Kazuma gets scared. o_0