Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side is a dating simulation game for girls, produced by Konami, and is made for Playstation 2. The game was creating after noting the popularity of the first two Tokimeki Memorial games, and features certain improvements from its predecessors, notably that of the characters calling your chosen name in a more natural manner.

In the game, the player (hopefully female) is the main character, a new student at Habataki High, Habataki City. The goal of the game is to create a relationship with one of the ten males that are available to you, so that on the last day of your high school, you will receive his confession of love at the chapel in the school.

With improved graphics, beautiful cutscenes, and lots of bishounen, this game is a must-have for any girl. It's a dating game, anime-style. Need we say more? ^_^