33 Things the Toki Guys Would Never Say



-          “I suck at this.”


-          “Does my sticky-outty hair look weird to you? Be honest, now.”


-          “Plants SUCK. DDR rocks my socks! ^^”

-          “Yo babe! Wassup?”

-          “Sorry man, ditching my books today. Big Lakers game tonight.”

-          “Let’s set the library on fire! REVOLT!”

-          “Hi, nice to meet you. My name’s Suckuya. Or you can call me Sucky-chan.”


-          “You stepped on my foot!” *cries*

-          “Wow! Physics, my favourite.”

-          “There is an important health reason for this band-aid on my face. I just have to figure out what.”


-          “Sorry, I can’t make it on Saturday. It’s World Plants Have Souls Day.”

-          “Anything on two wheels is dangerous. Tricycles are good. Cars are good. Buses are better.”

-          “Eep, a girl!” *sprints off in the other direction*

-          “How ‘bout some John Lennon on the jukebox?”


-          “No, it’s true. You’re prettier than me.”

-          “Would they remove all the mirrors on the walls already? It’s making me paranoid!”

-          “My body may be that of a male, but my heart is that of a lady. So’s my hair.”


-          “I’m a loser.”

-          “You stood me up, but that’s okay. I can understand why.”

-          “I don’t whine. Who says I whine. In whaaaat way is saying hidoiiiiii whiiiniiiingggggg? Tttteeellllll meeeeeee.”

-          “Older women turn me off, because I don’t think I could date someone taller than me. That applies to younger women too, because they’re also all taller than I am. In fact – oh, screw this.”


-          “Chuh. Band pract is boring. Let’s ditch this joint and go rock up DDR!”

-          “I may be made of stone, but I still rock.”

-          “I have a life. Hey, making torturous tortuous test questions count, no?”


-          “I think I’m actually going to flirt with someone my own age, instead of being a paedophile and dating one of my students.”

-          “HIMU-CHAN!!! ^o^ Gimme a hug!”


-          *makes a bicep* “Hey there, babe.”

-          “Will you quit being so girly? Stop it, people will think you’re gay!”

-          “Contrary to popular opinion, I was not a snake in my last life. *snakey hands dance* Nuh-uh.”


-          “Okay. I’m not backing out of this date.”

-          “Anybody wonder why I’m American, and yet my English still has grammar and spelling errors? Anyone?”

-          “I’m not shy! I just have err, social interaction paralysis. Right.”